Point, shoot, kill.

I love taking pictures. I'm just not a photographer. Welcome to a world of photos taken with a point and shoot camera. ;)

f a c e b o o k
February 15, 2013:

02.15.13 Walked home because…
There was no sign of Manlurip-bound multicabs within 130 meters (I actually google-mapped this).
School staff was crowding the waiting shed (actually, just 2) and I didn’t want to awkwardly stand and ignore them.
My ears were fuming.
So, I thought I’d get stuff cleared from my head and feel refreshed when I reached home. As it turned out, earlier fumes just thickened up, intensifying feelings. A-huh.
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February 13, 2013: While I was waiting for a ride home at Pahara. I was desperately trying to capture the green and red flashing lights, but my camera wouldn’t seem to let me.  So I have to live with this shot. 
February 09, 2013: Cake for Gez’s 20th ;D
February 05, 2013: It’s been too long since I’ve eaten at Mang Inasal, too long. So here’s their signature table tops. 
February 01, 2013: One of Sunzibar’s swirlies.
January 29, 2013: Rated SPG - sobrang patay gutom. We were done eating our lunch, and we had dessert already! But then here comes Shasha with her cassava cakes, and we just had to dig in! :3
January 18, 2013: Kinkin’s cake on his 1st birthday, themed Cars. 
November 30, 2012: Where we spent the afternoon, in the mall, chilling.
November 30, 2012: Happy Bonifacio Day! Spent in school, decorating stuff - for the morning at least. Teehee. 
October 17, 2012: Pizza day with Group B! =))
October 14, 2012: Breakfast at McDonald’s with Group B :3
September 25, 2012: Does this look like Nachos? Hmm… Oh well, these are Nachos from Trio Cafe. Group study, yo.